Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I heart Mom Made

I blog for a site called I thought I'd share my post for today, since it includes some of my Jill+Jack Paper love - and a shout out to some other awesome mommy makers.

There is nothing I love more than my kids and making beautiful things with my own two hands. Today I’m combining the two and sharing some of my favourite handmade products for kids. What’s best is that these gems are all made in Canada by MOMS! Note: this is NOT a sponsored post, these are just things I genuinely love!

1) My youngest boy rocks his Thief & Bandit Kids leggings. I don’t think there has been a day he’s worn them that I haven’t been asked where I got them. I’m always proud to say these organic cotton, hand printed pants are made in my home city of Halifax. (I also have a Thief & Bandit dress that makes me feel better than anything else in my closet. I can wear it out on a date with my husband or on a play date with the boys.) Worth the investment, folks!

2) Let’s face it – meal time can be a struggle for some kids. Anything to make my kids eat well is good in my books. These wooden spoons by White-o-Coccoli Childrens Tableware are eco friendly, adorable, and fun for the kids. Made in Salmon Arm, BC.

3) What mom doesn’t have snacks stashed in her purse at all times? Colibri washable snack bags are the best! They take up less room in my purse than glass or plastic containers and are lined with a wet bag so I can fill them up with fruit or veggies. Just throw them in the wash and they’re ready for another to-go snack! Oh, and the fabric options are super cute. Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4) Anointment, from Sackville, New Brunswick, makes beautiful (and safe!) skin care products for moms, dads and babes. I was given Anointment Baby Balm when I had my first son – now I’m hooked.

5) Dewdrop Crafts’ button earrings are adorable. Katrina is a blogger here on Green Mommy and it’s no secret that I’m a fan of hers - she’s just a cool momma. Mom crush aside, her earrings work for me. My toddler can’t yank on them because they’re studs, and the funky fabrics add fun to my typically drab outfits. Happy to be handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

6) Shoes and upcycled: two words I love. That’s why I can’t resist Nooks Design’s wool toddler booties. They are gorgeous. Made in Kelowna, BC.

7) This is lame but I’m going to toot my own horn here and say that my oldest son is loving his Hello Halifax print (Jill+Jack Paper). I originally designed this for his room. He got to choose some of his favourite city landmarks and I drew them. Then we turned it into a poster that we put above his bed. Now this print is a gift I’ve given to many of my Halifax friends and their littles. Don’t live in Halifax? I’ve got more hand drawn art prints to brighten up any wall.

If you're on the hunt for something handmade in Canada, but you're not sure where to find it, be sure to check out The Momma Collective - a group that fuels mom-powered pursuits from coast to coast. This group is host to hundreds of momma makers from across Canada.

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